You are my hero Dad!

Apr 30, 2020 english

“I have a story to tell,
I was standing next to a deep well,
Believe me! It was so deep,
perhaps it went down to hell

I was too afraid to peep in,
Alas! I inadvertently gave it my shining coin,
I looked and looked as far as I could,
but “how did I end up in this scary dark wood?”

Please daddy come and help me here,
You must be watching me, hiding somewhere,
for you never leave me alone like this,
please come out I am very scared

And flying came a man in a radiant red cape,
jumped into the well like an agile ape
He said,” Your dad sent me, I am here to help”
giving back my shining precious, covered in kelp

I got back my shining coin, yeyy!!
you are a hero dad, you saved the day.”
said my child, after waking up in morning today
I replied,” Haha! Thanks my darling. “

As she left to make a fort out of clay
I really felt like a hero on that fine day,
yeah I know I did not do anything at all,
but you know what?, actually she made my day.


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