Sometimes I think..

May 07, 2020 english

I think I can write,
I think I should sing.
I feel like dancing,
but I am not sure ‘coz I never tried.

I can joke, write a comedy
make you laugh, who need a remedy?
got a good sense of humor,
But I am not sure, I never tried.

People say I look cute,
I have a heart, beautiful,
Someone can love me too,
But I am so afraid of a no.

A wizard, yes I am a wizard,
They see the magic in me, I heard
I never saw such a thing in me ever,
What? Have I tried? Naah, Never!!

Wonder if I had ever tried,
even a single thing in my life,
I could be a singer, a dancer very fine,
or a magician, turning a tiger into a swine.

Well, It is never too late to start my friend,
if the start is good, you will reach a fabulous end.
I will become everything in my life, all I want,
You wait and watch, as I triumph


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