May 07, 2020 english

Dreams, I see very rarely,
But I remember them very fairly.
One night I saw a lovely dream,
A school of chocolate & cream.

It was big, huge and tall,
It seemed as if it was going to fall.
But it stood hard for very long,
And I could hear a sweet song.

On entering it, I saw,
Playing children, without the teacher's claw.
Singing, playing, running and gossipping,
And I could see a place even for shopping.

Shop shop shop & shop,
Even music, rock, or pop.
I came to know the song,
It was of a boy singing for very long.

No, he was not of the flesh,
But of choco very fresh.
Every tree, and cloud flying,
Everywhere was cream lying.

It seemed more like a Chocolate than a school,
Believe me, I saw, I am not making you fool.
Every child ran and play,
no race, without any fray.

That's the joy of life I seek,
My whole life not days or weeks.
That's the freedom, I seek,
I want to spend time laughing up to cheeks.


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