A Beggar Child

May 11, 2020 english

When I asked a child begging for food,
wrapped in morose clothes, there she stood.
"Why do you beg? Don't you go to any school?"
She cried before me,

"Ah! It was a fine day with a peaceful morning,
And we were ready, waiting for my granny to pass.
We knew it was her time,
as we were not left with even a single dime.
to feed her or to fill our bellies for that matter.
We were the poorest in all of the world.

Well, It has to be her as
she is the oldest & weakest
said my father with severe coughing.
and then I saw him slowly fainting.
He died crying out of hunger.
I did not believe so, I was puzzled.

How could hunger be our enemy?
It had been with us since forever.
I saw my father defeating it almost daily.
He used to give me his share of food and sleep hungry.
It never killed him before, then why did it today?
I lost the strongest, so-dear father of mine.

We cried and shouted as loud as we could.
But no one listened to our lamentings.
as my father died due to hunger
because DEATH laughed even louder."


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