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  1. Do not give up yet

    We are going through a trying time, but we need to stay strong and fight with the current situation. Just do not give...

  2. Life

    Life is full of crests and troughs but this is what makes it full of adventures and worth living.

  3. A Beggar Child

    Poverty is the biggest tradegy in this world. Every year around 9 million people die of hunger in the world. Please h...

  4. ख़ामोशी

    चीखती ख़ामोशी को सुना है मैंने, आज उसको गले लगाने का मन करता है.चलो अब बहुत हुआ ये सुन्ना सुनाना आज चुप चाप हो जाने क...

  5. मेरा दिल

    ज़रा ज़रा सा खुशनसीब मंज़िलो के है करीब,ये मेरा दिल. मेरा दिल.कभी ये आस्मां निहारे जगमगाते चाँद तारे,टिम-...

  6. Sometimes I think..

    We can be all we want in our life, we just need to try.

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